17 thoughts on “Images from The Dark Knight

  1. i’m pretty psyked about this upcoming movie. altho’ joker is a great villain but it’s been done before i don’t know about that. it’ll be hard to top jack’s joker too.

  2. yea, i like the darker and more serious direction the last movie and this new one are taking. the previous ones (with michael keaton, val kilmer and george clooney) were a bit too “catoonish” for my liking. altho’ the michael keaton ones weren’t so bad.

    speaking of super hero movies, there needs to be a wonder woman movie! i was such a huge fan of the tv series. especially of linda carter.

  3. I’m having trouble viewing the pictures. Doh!

    I have been trying to get a glimpse of the filming of this movie, as I live in Chicago. So far, I have seen Gotham police car, a burned out helicopter shell, and an overturned circus truck. These are just lying out in plain view. I love it when they film here!

  4. The “leaked” stills tell nothing of a Nolan film. He’s so good he could shoot them with rags for uniforms and make the best film. If he thinks HL can do the Joker then he must be good. I will wait for the first trailer before making any predictions. I don’t like the look of the skinny CB but as someone else pointed out may be some continuity as he buffs up.

  5. It’s not easy to make a film monumental and realistic at the same time. This is primory, and lukelly this is Nolans strong point. And about the Joker: wunderfully done!

  6. it will be very interesting to see a talented actor like heath ledger
    portray the joker character in this film. i expect this film to be as dark as the batman begins. i believe Christian bale and heath ledger
    will do a awesome job as they bring to life the relationship that batman and the joker has had in past films and comic books. just as long as heath ledger can bring out the cynical, vile and psychotic joker in this film. it will bring us batman fans ultimate entertainment this coming summer. cant wait to see this one. i also heard that superman may make an appearance in this film. LOL..just joking…

  7. Is it me or has christian bale lost a heap of muscle, he is much skinnier now.
    His new helmet is based on a motorcycle helmet and he doesnt have that broad neck anymore making him look like cat woman lol.

  8. Heath will be sorely missed especially when everyone sees his performance in The Dark Knight.

    I was surfing the net for pictures about Heath’s Joker this may be a late post… I just had to comment.

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