Danshui and Hongshulin Panoramas


View the large here

Two days ago I bought a Nikon D40 (more on this next post) and yesterday I took it for a spin. The skies above Taipei were beautiful so I decided to take the MRT to Danshui Station and walk to Hongshulin Station.


View the large here

Similar to the first one, but from a slightly different vantage point and a much greater field of vision:


View the large here

I’ll have another post with more pictures later, this was just to show more panoramas made using Kekus Calico.

6 thoughts on “Danshui and Hongshulin Panoramas

  1. Michael – I am using a program for MacOS called Calico. I haven’t installed the software that came with the camera yet, I have just been using iPhoto for browsing and adjustments and Calico for the panoramas. I’ll probably check out the software that came with it over the weekend (I bought the Japanese kit so I don’t know yet if the software can be switched to English).

    Andres – The way you’ve been posting about upgrading I thought you would have gotten a new camera before me! You have until you are “officially” a father to buy one.

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