More Spider Battles


Holly and I aren’t the only ones to battle gigantic spiders!

In this video, Jennifer and her friends discuss the proper technique to get rid of a beast that found its way into their living room (nope, no bucket needed, don’t be silly). Unfortunately, the video stops right when the screaming starts.

6 thoughts on “More Spider Battles

  1. Um…. Was that spider radioactive or something? Cuz, like, I don’t think spiders are supposed to get that big naturally…

    I’ll be shivering for hours now.


  2. BTW, jennifer is a cutie. Too bad she was born LESS THAN A MONTH BEFORE I BEGAN COLLEGE.

    Someone, please pass the geritol tablets…

  3. Todd:

    Short answer: a pain.

    Long answer: a huge pain in the ass.

    There used to be a laminated sheet, called “Bud’s Easy Term Paper Typing Kit,” (for those who are curious about such things) which had formatting guides you lined up (through the typing paper) which showed where to place things such as footnotes.

    The TRUE test of patience was discovering, at 3am the morning your paper was due, that you had left out a footnote, requiring retyping of the paper from that page onwards.

    I, being lazy and a poor typist, preferred the use of endnotes whenever allowed.

    Oh, and spellcheck was a standalone application in the form of a hardcover dictionary I got my junior year.

    …and a portable phone was one you had unplugged and were walking between rooms before re-plugging it into the new outlet.

    …and there was a time when stores weren’t open 24 hours, and tv stations signed off at the end of the broadcast day (typically between 1 and 4 am, depending on the station and market).

    You punks have it too easy these days. Except for the damn spiders (which, I trust, you will not bring back from Taiwan on future visits).


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