Neihu Elementary School, Nantou County

內湖國小 11

Like the Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch [臺北市立圖書館北投科], Neihu Elementary School [內湖國小] in Nantou County [南投縣] is an excellent example of what a public building in Taiwan can look like when a community steps away from the norm of building more and more massive concrete structures to serve the populace.

內湖國小 9

We had originally planned to go to Sitou Forest Park [溪頭森林遊樂區], however once we got there we were disappointed to find that there were no places to park from the volume of families that were visiting at the time (cars were parked up and down the roads leading up to entrance).  Driving down the mountain, we pulled over when we spotted the school, it looked like a decent place to stretch out after being in the car for so long.

內湖國小 5

The area turned out to be a great place to stop, the school’s campus complimented rather than clashed with its natural surroundings.

內湖國小 4

Giving me amply time to get a decent photo, this little reptile showed more patience than most people do:

內湖國小 3

The number of people visiting grew exponentially by the time we were leaving (my guess is other poor souls who went up to Sitou Forest only to find it was overcrowded):

內湖國小 1

See you next time!

內湖國小 2

5 thoughts on “Neihu Elementary School, Nantou County

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  2. Thanks for your message on my new blog, Todd. Where from in Michigan? I’m from Metamora … tiny town close to the huge metropolis (grin) of Lapeer in the Thumb.

    The Neihu School is great. It is one of only two (not sure if the second was even built) post-921 school reconstruction contracts earmarked for wood construction (remainder done in concrete). It was finished about 3 years ago (?) The designer/architect works out of Fengyuan in Taichung County and used to represent the US forestry industry in Taiwan. He used treated Southern Yellow Pine for pretty much all of the framing, but the design is quite unique … 2×4 construction that imitates a post and beam style, with both Japanese and Chinese/Taiwanese accents throughout. A wonderfully green campus as well.

    During school holidays the school grounds are let out to buxibans for English summer camps. Last time we passed by there was a group of English teachers from Xindian holding a retreat in preparation for a summer camp.

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