Panoramas [First Attempt]

Taipei MRT

This photo was taken at Beitou Station [北投站]. The train above runs from Beitou Station to Xinbeitou Station [新北投站]. View the Large.

Last week I was playing with the Panorama Assist setting on my camera. I returned home with a series of pictures but no software to stitch them all together. I downloaded Kekus Calico for MacOSx and it seems to do everything I want it to do for my current needs. I am still a beginner at taking panorama shots, so if you have any constructive criticism please feel free to let me know.


This photo was taken at Beitou Station, the train is heading for Nanshijiao Station [南勢角站]. The train began to move by the time I took the rightmost photo. View the Large.


On the fifth floor of an activity center in Beitou [北投], the building on the far left is Wenhua Elementary School [文化國小] while the building in the middle is a defense university. View the Large.


This is the view from a student’s house looking towards Beitou Station. View the Large.


This is the other view from my student’s house looking towards Xinbeitou Station. View the Large.

Lugu Township

Finally, here is a picture from Lugu Township [鹿谷鄉] in Nantou County [南投縣] (more on this trip in a later post). View the Large.

If the pictures I posted wasn’t enough to fill your craving for Taiwan panoramas, check out the Taiwan Panorama Flickr Group or David Reid’s Panorama set

8 thoughts on “Panoramas [First Attempt]

  1. Yup, those are delightful, very well composed. It’s amazing that you did them by hand, essentially, with a Nikon Coolpix 3, a mere point-and-click camera. You should really consider upgrading, Todd, to a prosumer camera with a wide range of capabilities and even higher picture quality.


  2. Michael – upgrading has been on my mind for awhile, I’m basically holding out to see how much money I have left after my upcoming trip in September to Kyoto (assuming I get off the waiting list for tickets).

    I have been seriously thinking about going with the Nikon D40 as a means of testing the DSLR waters. Canons are completely out of the question after a completely deplorable incident involving their customer service.

  3. i’m also in the market for a DSLR. it has come down to the Canon 400D and the Nikon D80. right now i’m leaning towards the 400D. we’ll see tho’… things might change and i’ll get stuck with my point and shoot.

  4. Dre – I’ve heard great things about both cameras… as for your point and shoot, you’re still taking amazing pics on your photoblog site with it… but I know the feeling of coming home after shooting an entire weekend and thinking that a few more could have ended up better with a few more options to tweak.

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