Asuka Langley Soryu


Asuka Langley Soryu is the pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. In the television series, the fiery character’s over-confidence and aggressiveness in battle ultimately causes her own downfall.


In the battle against Zeruel (the fourteenth Angel), Asuka attacks the Angel with a series of brave, however futile attacks. Zeruel made quick work of Asuka’s EVA Unit 02: first slicing off the unit’s arms and then decapitating it. This lose in battle leads to a rapid emotional and mental breakdown as her underlying vulnerability surfaces. Eventually in the series she loses her ability to synchronize with Unit 02. She doesn’t regain this ability until her battle with the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Forces, which is followed by her final battle with the Mass Produced EVAs in the End of Evangelion movie.


The figure is from Bandai’s Neon Genesis Evangelion Portraits Series 1. It comes with its own stand which features the NERV logo. However, the figure cannot stand on its own very well on the stand without the aid of two small-translucent plastic supports which hold up the character and the hat she is holding (both not shown in the photos).


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