Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area

Visitor Center

The Basianshan Recreation Area [八仙山國家森林遊樂區] is located in Heping Township, Taichung County. I was introduced to the area through Dongshih Forest District Office’s “Touch Nature” Basianshan Nature Experience.

It begins...

The tour aims to introduce ESL teachers to the facilities and resources of the Basianshan National Forest Recreation Area. The other ESL teachers on the tour I attended were three South Africans who had just arrived in Taiwan three months ago and were working in nearby Fongyuan City [豐原市].

The powerful hallucinogen/poison Angel’s Trumpet (Datura) in the park’s botanical garden:

Angel's Trumpet / Devil's Trumpet / Jimson Weed / Datura

Spider Lilies (the flower, not the movie):

Spider Lily

Our guided tour was along the park’s Evergreen Walking Trail. This is the park’s shortest path at 1050 meters long. The park’s Walking Trail is a 3320 meter journey, while their Challenge Walking Trail is a 6300 meter trek. Hopefully I will be able to make time to hike their longest trail in the future.

On the trail

Bajing Monument [八景紀念碑], commemorating the area as one of Taiwan’s eight most beautiful places:

Bajing Memorial

It doesn’t take long to figure out why:

On the trail

The park’s bamboo forest:

Bamboo Forest

When we got to the bamboo forest, the other foreigners and I paused for a moment to take in the beauty of the area, which I was far from able to capture with my camera.

Bamboo Forest

This building is the park’s Ecological Center. Its interior hosts a collection of butterflies found in Taiwan.

Forest Classroom

The Forestry Bureau has several birdhouses in the area to study the life cycles of different birds. Our tour guide gave us a very handy pocket guide to aid in bird identification on future Taiwan travels.


What’s that next to our new friend?


The Basianshan National Forest is a great outing given the park’s different hiking options and the beauty of the area.


Obligatory portraits for everyone back home:



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