Photo stickers

Appealing to the same demographic that watches 我愛黑澀會 and 我愛棒棒堂… I present the most recent batch of photostickers…


I tend to not spend too much time decorating my pictures, the bottom two of the above set were done by me.  I like to keep designs simple and not too crowded.


If you have ever wanted to see the inside of a Purikura establishment but were too afraid to enter….

Photosticker shop

The employees have the monotonous duties of making change and troubleshooting any difficulty you may encounter using the Japanese-language photobooths.  For $10NT they will add a protective cover (usually decorated in hearts or stars) to your pictures.

3 thoughts on “Purikura!

  1. Lol, I *have* always wanted to see the inside of a purikura establishment but been too afraid to enter!! Wow, it’s very pink! Looks like fun though ^^ Nice pics.

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