Jhongsing Village Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond5

Last weekend when I came here most of the lotus flowers that already bloomed had already lost all their pedals due to a week of rain. This weekend luckily wasn’t accompanied by rain, so my trip to the Jhongsing Village Gate Lotus Pond was much more enjoyable.

Lotus Pond1

The ponds line both sides of the road along with a handful of restaurants/cafes.

Lotus Pond10

Monday was a day off work for most people, so a lot of people brought their children to take family pictures together.

Lotus Pond4

Lotus Pond3

Lotus Pond6

Lotus Pond8

Lotus Pond2

Lotus Pond7

Next to the ponds you can hear the sounds of frogs and insects who have made a home here.


Lotus Pond9

Jhongsing Village Gate:

Jhongsing Village Gate

2 thoughts on “Jhongsing Village Lotus Pond

  1. Boy does this shake up my memory bank. I used to go to the cafes at the lotus gardens and spent time with friends there. I worked in Tsaotuen and Nantou City and Wufong and Jonghsing between 2004 and November 2007 when I had to return home. I lived on Ren da Road near the More Cafe and the Family Mart. I really miss it and my friends there. My son was born in Changhua. I hope you will publish more about the Village.

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