Hiking in Jhongsing Village

Jhongsing Village

Over the weekend I was introduced to a small unmarked trail on Huan Mountain [環山] Deng Mountain [登山] by Cathy’s mother. It’s located right behind her workplace in Jhongsing Village [中興新村], Nantou County [南投縣].

Huanshan Trail

Huanshan Trail

Towards the top of the trail the trees open up to allow visitors to view Caotun [草屯].

Viewing Caotun

At the top of the trail is a small resting and exercise area. A group practices Tai Chi every morning here.

Huanshan Trail

Most of the butterflies we saw on the trail were black and white.


In addition to butterflies, we did see a huge Cattle Horn Snake next to the trail about five feet from us and moving in the opposite direction. I would have grabbed a picture, but I was too busy stopping myself from pinching a loaf in my pants. Information about the snake can be found on the Yangmingshan National Park website:

It has a pair of big solenoglyphic teeth known as the biggest amidst all venomous snakes in Taiwan leaving obvious marks on the victims. It is also the most aggressive of the common venomous snakes in Taiwan. It is the number two attacker and number four killer of humans in Taiwan. The mortality rate of victims is around 7%. Its venom contains hemorrhagic toxins, and the wound often swells with bruises and bloody blisters.

Huanshan Trail


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