Tiger Mountain Trail


The Four Beasts Mountain Public Forest [四獸山市民森林] was a much needed break from watching the Pistons lose their fourth-straight.


On Sunday morning there were people of all ages on this magnificently maintained trail. Along the way the path has many maps and informative signs in Chinese and English.


We took the Tiger Mountain [虎山] path, the other three beasts are: Elephant Mountain [象山], Lion Mountain [獅山], and Panther Mountain [豹山].

Pictured below, Tiger Mountain:


To get to the trail, just take the Blue Line to Houshanpi Station, walk towards Zhongpo South Road and Fude Street, and take either Fude Street Lane 221 or 251. It was maybe 15-20 minutes from the MRT including a stop at Family Mart for supplies.

Like most of my pictures, this one was taken in a hurry, I don’t like how the focus is on the flower rather than the moth [or butterfly, who knows?], Cathy contends that it is still an interesting picture… hmmmm.


The trail offers views of the city, this is the only picture that came out halfway decent:


Looks like rain… maybe next time I should check the forecast before I go out.


Starting to work our way down the trail.


I think I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts that I am interested in buying a new digital camera. I haven’t really researched anything, but I know I don’t ever want to get as close as I was to the beast below ever again.


A much friendlier looking critter:


We were rained on for the final leg of our journey, nothing serious, just an on-again, off-again drizzle for lasting 15 minutes or so.


5 thoughts on “Tiger Mountain Trail

  1. Sonia, Thanks for ID’ing the creature… I thought because its color was a bit dull it was a moth… oh well…Taipei has a ton of easily accessible trails… I have hardly scratched the surface on them.

  2. Hey,

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your site. I’ll definitely refer to it when I move back to Taipei later this month. Seems like you’re quite adventurous and know a lot of the trails to visit.

    Lol @ at your reference to the Pistons! I check the paper and see that the Tigers are doing well too these days. Why couldn’t they have worked their asses out of the basement when I was living in Detroit?

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