Tianmu Trail


Yesterday I wrapped up my third semester of Chinese classes. Our last class together was spent playing Mah-jong as our teacher watched in amusement. I have a week-long break before next semester begins. With my mornings free for now, I decided to do some hiking. This morning, I checked out the Tianmu Trail [天母古道].


Originally the final section of the Yulu Ancient Trail, the trail is easily accessible: You can either start at Shipai Station and take the Red 15, Red 19, 224, or 535 bus and get off at Tianmu Stop to work your way up the trail, or you can go from Jiantan Station and take the Red 5 or 260 bus, get off at Shanzaihou Stop (near the University of Chinese Culture) and work your way down the trail.


I chose the later option because I had to meet friends for lunch and had to be rested for a couple hours of work at the Buxiban with no less than five minutes of my boss talking to me like I am a seven year old Taiwanese child.


Next time I’ll go up the steps. Honestly.


The water main below is part of a waterway system built during Taiwan’s period under Japanese occupation. Today, it supplies residents with 19,000 tons of water per-day.


I sat down trying to take a decent picture of a couple spiders sleeping in a spider web for several minutes without getting a single decent shot. This sucker buzzes around… sits down for less than 3 seconds… I just happened to have my camera ready… one click… and presto.


Although the weather didn’t really permit taking spectacular photos of the city, I was lucky that it didn’t start to rain until I was back on the MRT.

3 thoughts on “Tianmu Trail

  1. Hi Todd, just wanted to thank you for the nice articles on your blog. Since almost 2 weeks we are in Taipei now and we still don’t get bored. There is simply so much to see in and around Taipei. Amazing! Just yesterday we did the Tianmu trail and your article was very helpful.

    Greets from
    Markus & Anja

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