Matsu – The Food Pics


My final Matsu post is a showcase of food I was able to photograph anytime I was quick enough with the camera to grab a shot before anyone attacked the plate.


Fish noodles are a big deal here, fish meat is rubbed into noodles as a means of extending fish crop preservation.


Here’s what the finished product looks like:


Jiguang Pie is almost identical to western bagels. Stuff the inside with some fried eggs and you have yourself a Matsu Hamburger. I went home with a bag of these bad boys and they were gone in less than 24 hours.


I’m not a big fan of seafood. At restaurants, I never order seafood, and if at someone’s house I just eat enough to appease whoever is hosting. I think I ate more seafood in my three days in Matsu than all of last year combined [not exaggerating].


Before we left, there were concerns that I would starve on the trip, however given that everything we ate was fresh, eating to my fill wasn’t much of an issue.



I tried to hide my enthusiasm when I saw the two dishes below: non-seafood!



We encountered these small snacks on the way to Ciaozai Village.




I have nightmares featuring this dish, I’ve tried it in Changhua, I know it when I see it, no I don’t want any:


I think my next Taiwan but-not-really-Taiwan adventure will be to Kinmen. This of course is only if I can get time-off from work that doesn’t coincide with the holidays that everyone else in Taiwan is given off.

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