The Matsu Distillery and Tunnel 88


We could smell the Matsu Old Wine from the van as we drove up to the Matsu Distillery which was established in 1956 and moved to its present location in 1970. The island’s sweet-water springs and clean air are said to be the major reasons for its ability to create such a fine rice wine.


Near Nangan’s airport, the distillery has quite a few interesting bottles available.



I’m pretty sure our tour guide and 張大爺 [Uncle Zhang] had conspired to get me drunk during our visit… mission accomplished gentlemen.


Tunnel 88 is a 264-meter tunnel originally used by a tank company. In 1988 it was turned over to the distillery for storage.


The temperature inside the tunnel stays around 17-20 degrees Celsius. To keep the temperature and moisture constant, the heavy doors are only opened to visitors who book in advance.


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4 thoughts on “The Matsu Distillery and Tunnel 88

  1. I have got the Aged Supreme Koaliang (the one with the box and the red label around the neck of the bottle). I have had it for around 6 years now and was just wondering how much it is worth and where I can sell it.

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