Cinbi Village, Matsu


Beigan’s [北竿] Cinbi Village [芹壁村] is the most completely persevered group of traditional buildings in Matsu. Since most of its residents have moved out, the county government has undertaken efforts to preserve the buildings to make this Beigan’s most popular tourist attraction.


In the past, Cinbi was an extremely wealthy fishing village. While under military control, heavy restrictions were placed on residents over the times which they were allowed to fish.


With decreasing fish populations, most of Cinbi’s residents have since moved on to earn a living elsewhere.



Behind this adorable temple guardian is an anti-communist slogan on the side of the building. The area has plenty of them, I didn’t go in for a closer picture because my battery was running out.


A handful of Taiwan’s finest stop for a break from the rigors of life on the base. The one at the head of the table seems to be the only one delighted by my presence.


In the background of this picture is Turtle Island, so named because it looks like two turtles are resting atop the island.



Cinbi Village is a definite stop for anyone planning on taking a trip to Matsu. Walking through it is like walking into a time-warp.


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