Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn


If you approach Nangan’s [南竿] Fuao Harbor [福澳港] you really can’t help but notice the giant inscription rising out of Fuao Village [福澳村]. The inscription, “Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn [枕戈待旦],” was written by General Chiang Kai-shek during a visit to Matsu in 1958.


The inscription was written to encourage soldiers and residents to be on alert and never forget the mission of recovering the Mainland.


Our guide told us that a soldier digging the land for the project dug up a person’s grave and haphazardly laid the remains to the side. The soldier experienced the worst of luck after that… he was involved in a car accident and began to develop mental problems. Shortly afterwards the remains of the individual were reburied on the side of this hill:


Inside the structure now is a small souvenir shop while the park around it hosts a few barbecue grills, so don’t forget your charcoal!


General Chiang Kai-shek stares across Fuao Harbor towards the China he lost

Most of the weather we encountered prevented us from being able to see China as anything other than an extremely faint outline on the horizon, any attempts to photograph it using my camera were a waste of precious battery-life.

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