Quick stop at the Bishan Temple in Nantou


After our trip to the Houtanjing Trail we stopped at the Bishan Temple [碧山巖寺] in Nantou. I have seen this temple numerous times from a car or bus window, but this was my first closeup of this beautiful site.



One thing I like about visiting temples in Taiwan is that the people treat you like a curious observer rather than a potential member. If you ask questions you’re given thorough answers without any sales pitches.


2 thoughts on “Quick stop at the Bishan Temple in Nantou

  1. Good point. I was in Tainan the other day and asked how old the temple I was in was. Guy whips out a history in Anglais and gives it to me for free, and then gives me a lecture too, but no sales pitch. Really nice. I love the religious tolerance here.

    Is this the green-roofed temple you can see from the tollbooths just south of Nantou on Hwy 3?

    If you are in TPE tomorrow, a bunch of us are meeting up at the Taiwan Beer Bar in the evening after 6 or so.


  2. Michael, yes, it’s the temple you are thinking of… as for the Taiwan Beer Bar meeting… I actually have several plans for the day which are overlapping on each other… I am going to try my best to make it…

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