Houtanjing Trail, Nantou County


Over the weekend we checked out the beautiful Houtanjing [猴探井] Trail in Nantou County.


The observation tower looks like something out of the Magic Kingdom. Its view overlooks the Changhua Plain and a section of Taiwan’s HSR. In the tower there is a posting of the train schedule for observers. Due to the weather, the view wasn’t much to write home about.



This butterfly was patient enough to sit still as I fumbled through my camera’s settings.


The actual trail… it’s all downhill from here. We decided to turn back after several flights of stairs when we came to the realization that we would have to walk up each flight we walked down. That and the mosquitoes were eating us alive… next time we’ll be better prepared.


2 thoughts on “Houtanjing Trail, Nantou County

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