More Biking in Taichung County


On Sunday, we took our second trip out to Taichung County for biking: our first trip was to the Dong Fong Bicycle Green Way, this trip was spent at the Tan Ya Shen Bike Path [潭雅神鐵馬道 (website)].

Despite the beautiful weather, the path was almost deserted.




Everyone pose together!


An abandoned train station:



A couple photos while biking:



Three things I didn’t expect to see on the path:
1) An F-5E Tiger II:



2) Ostriches (the only photo that came out decent shows one of the two that shared a small enclosure)!


3) A trio of M48A3 Tanks!


A couple local children climbed one of the tanks to set off a small firecracker from the top.


On the way back I bought roses from a woman selling some along the path, I gave one to everyone… see, I can be nice sometimes.


All the girls went home with a rose, I went home with a bad sunburn.

6 thoughts on “More Biking in Taichung County

  1. Sure is Paul… although one section of the path went through a residential area and people had a few cars and scooters parked on it. I don’t know the legality of it, because the signs say no motor vehicles… lack of enforcement in Taiwan? No way!

  2. Really appreciate your site and the pictures are great. Can you tell me how much time it took on the bike path, where you rented the bikes and did you have any problems with the little black mosqitos?

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