Be sure to try the Sausage Sampler!

Traveler Kitchen1.jpg

Over the break we drove from Jhongsing Village to Traveler Kitchen in Taichung for lunch. Traveler Kitchen runs two restaurants in Taichung: one Greek and one German.

Traveler Kitchen3.jpg

Traveler Kitchen4.jpg

Since we went as a group, Cathy and I accompanied by her co-workers, we were able to order nearly one of everything.

Traveler Kitchen5.jpg

The Sausage Sampler… complete with cheese and mustard dipping sauces… YES!

Traveler Kitchen6.jpg

Traveler Kitchen7.jpg

Traveler Kitchen8.jpg

Like the restaurant’s Greek-version, the interior is nicely decorated.

Traveler Kitchen9.jpg

Our server remembered us from when we visited the Greek-edition July of last year.

Traveler Kitchen2.jpg

If in Taichung, check them out, I don’t know what other options there are for German food in Taichung (or anywhere else in Taiwan for that matter).

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