Xinbeitou Library


Xinbeitou’s library is a short walk from the Xinbeitou MRT station, on the way to the Hot Springs Museum. Xinbeitou has a nice feel to it. It’s not as densely populated as a most of Taipei City and everyone I have encountered there have all been very nice.


I’ve taken photos of the building on more than one occasion, I never got around to posting them because I was in the process of switching from Blogger to WordPress.


The library is truly a beautiful site… it is certainly a step up from all the concrete superstructures that serve as public buildings. I hope this serves as an example for all future public buildings in Taiwan.


The shots posted were taken on two different visits to the library: one day was sunny, the other day was overcast and raining off and on the entire day. Try to guess which shots were taken under which conditions.



I am not sure which picture I like more: the one below, or the picture second from the top showing the sun’s rays.


Someday, I will learn how to use the Panorama function on my camera… until then, check out David on Formosa’s panorama shot.


5 thoughts on “Xinbeitou Library

  1. Hi Todd, thanks for the link. A couple of the photos I took of the library are amongst my most viewed photos at flickr. I like Xin Beitou too. I think it is a great and very easy escape from the busyness of Taipei.

  2. The library is insanely popular, the last time I went to do some studying I was unable to find a spot to sit and work on my Chinese homework. On two occasions I have been chased after I left the building: once for an L.E. once for a tutoring offer.

    I haven’t checked out their English selection, I mostly just find a table to study at. Fresh air flows through the building from all the windows. The ground level floor has a handful of computers which are usually occupied by children playing games next to the periodicals section. The wood interior is a nice break from being cooped up in buildings with concrete walls, plastic furniture and tile floors all day.

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