Finished Editing


As of early this afternoon I am officially finished with editing old posts and categorizing them so that everything looks nice on the WordPress edition of The Daily Bubble Tea. I have been living in Taiwan for slightly over a year now, so it is an appropriate time to make a list of my top 5 favorite posts that I have posted since arriving. Here they are in chronological order from earliest to most recent:

  • Lin Family Mansion and Garden – the mansion and garden is beautiful… if you live in Taipei and you haven’t gone yet shame on you! I was surprised that my post received the attention of people with familial ties to the site.
  • Hongmao Castle – what can I say, I have a thing for forts.
  • Tainan’s Historical Sites – despite it being about a thousand degrees on the day of my trip, I had a lot of fun in Tainan… I was literally running from site to site listed on the tourist maps. Tainan has a very interesting history and very friendly people.
  • TGS Gameshow 2007 – hit counts were through the ceiling when I posted this on Blogger… I wonder why?
  • Kaohsiung – is it me or are people more friendly in the south? I had a great time in Kaohsiung… next time I am invited to a wedding, I’ll be sure to own a proper suit by then.

7 thoughts on “Finished Editing

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  2. hiya, came across your site while bored at work. in your archives, i ended up reading a post from 2006 saying you might be moving down to Taichung and study at TungHai. Any reason why you’d choose TungHai over another school, say FengChia?

    just curious… :+)
    -jenny |

  3. Hi Jenny, for various reasons, the move is not going to happen… mostly because I like living in Taipei again and the instructor I got after the one I wrote about ended up being excellent.

  4. Only a year? I thought you’d been here for much longer Todd! Congrats. Your blog looks great and I love reading about your adventures. Keep ’em coming!

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