Work Drama


I usually restrain myself from talking about work, but through a series of events, I have become the highest paid employee in my school’s history…

To make a long story short, the owner of the buxiban I work at had a stack of family debt issues to deal with. Through this period of time, pay was late for my two coworkers (a married couple: Canadian and American) for four months. My pay didn’t start coming in late until two months ago. My boss was always sure to pay me on time before this because she knew I would have the biggest fuss over it (an ability learned and perfected during my days banquet serving in a unionized workforce).

Needless to say, the couple eventually decided that they were through with Taiwan after about 5 years here. That’s the problem with hiring a husband and wife in such a small school… if you lose one, you lose them both. Within two days of them making this announcement I had also informed my boss about my intentions not to continue working for their company after my contract expired at the end of March. My boss had little to say because at this moment she didn’t know if her school was going to be sold or closed.

Flash-forward about a week and the picture has changed: the school has been sold, so the financial situation of the school has returned to workable shape, the originally owner is now simply a manager, and our curriculum director is on the out (I never really got along with her anyway).

Facing a complete teacher turnover, several parents voice their desire to jump off the sinking ship. Suddenly, I am in a great position to get a really nice raise out of the whole situation… I negotiate 20+% raise out of my boss and new owner with no effort… damn, I should have stacked my demands to the ceiling! The massive shuffle of scheduling has begun as new classes are being added and new teachers are being trained.

What a change a week makes! One day one parent is asking our former curriculum director to open her own school and steal half the students and a couple days later this same parent is demanding that I teach her child before she hands my boss an envelop of money to pay for the upcoming semester.

Maybe after six months and the new teachers are trained they will be able to drop me and hire someone at a third the price to take my place. Whatever happens, it will be a good ride while it lasts.

3 thoughts on “Work Drama

  1. my husband is a chinese cook and is a member of the unitehere casino workers union. was that the union you belonged to? if so, we can swap war stories.

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