Action Figure: Attila the Hun

From McFarlane’s Six Faces of Madness set, a historic look at some of history’s most notorious:


Infamous leader of the bloodthirsty Huns, fifth-century inhabitants in modern-day Hungary, who led devastating plundering raids into western Europe. Known as the Scourge of God, Attila led a vast and merciless mounted army, which left a swath of devastation and death across much of Europe. Attila is said to have died of a nasal hemorrhage on his wedding night [McFarlane Toys].








A pile of 40 heads sit under this figure: a mix of Persians, Goths, Romans, Vandals, and Huns.

This post was partially just an excuse to see what photos using Plasq’s Comic Life looked like when published.

One thought on “Action Figure: Attila the Hun

  1. Comic life is a sweet program. Nice to know of another Mac user. I have organized Mac meetings in the past. If your interested, I’ll let you know when there is another one.

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