Holidays part II – 張韶涵 was sooo checking me out


On Saturday 12/30/06, after work I went to meet Cathy near Taipei Train Station for lunch. As we walked in front of K-Mall towards the MRT we noticed that 張韶涵 [Zhang Shao-han (Angela Zhang)] was having a fan autograph session. Angela is a very popular Taiwanese singer who lately has gotten attention from two English-language Taiwan blogs: once in a post of mine from several days ago in which I unnecessarily worried about a video of me singing one of her songs at Holiday KTV would surface on the internet, and in one post by Mark of Toshuo in which he posted the lyrics to her song 真的 a short period of time after she was mentioned on my site.


Anyways, Cathy and I went up to see if we could grab a photo of her when she conveniently looked up from a poster she was signing to look in my direction:



She almost never looked towards the audience while signing. However, Cathy can independently verify that she did look towards me on two other occasions during the ten minutes or so we were in front of the stage (whether this was because she thought I looked great or because I looked out-of-place is up for interpretation).

Have your people call my people Angela.

7 thoughts on “Holidays part II – 張韶涵 was sooo checking me out

  1. I’m absolutely green with envy, green bordering on a festering turquoise color. 張韶涵 is so 超贊 that it hurts!

    BTW, I found the video thanks to your previous post. It wasn’t a coincidence that we both posted around the same time!

  2. hai angela zhang makin cakep ja nih!!
    jadi IRI de!!
    soalnya kamu slalu bisa deket ma ci kyen Wu_Zun cii…
    ya udah de ku cuma bisa titip ssalam ma dia ja deh!!
    tapi aku mau ngasih komentar ke kamu ni!!!
    ku jadi kebayang-bayang mulu nih ma wajah2kalian yang cute2!!!
    satu kata lagi buat kamu

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