Holidays part I – Christmas Eve in Nantou

This is the first of a series of posts covering events from 12/24/06 to 1/1/07.

On Christmas Eve, Cathy, her sister, and I had lunch at a restaurant in Nantou County called “Answer”. I don’t know what the question was or who asked it. Probably someone inquired to the possibility of another restaurant in Nantou County a bit of a drive from where most of the population is, serving slightly above-mediocre tasting food, and making the restaurant look nice to make up for charging you what they charge.


Somewhere on one of these isolated roads was where we planned on eating.




The paper Santa Claus is not edible. Don’t ask how I found out.

The interior and exterior of the restaurant is very nice. Since we got there too late for the lunch crowd, it was an excellent time to take pictures.







The ducks were overheard arguing who was going to jump in first.


It was shortly after taking the above picture that I dropped my camera and thought I broke it. Luckily, the only lasting damage is that the lens protector no longer works. The Nikon will live to be dropped another day!

Christmas was spent in class being confused by my instructor as to what the proper uses of 跟 and 對 as coverbs are. Christmas in the Buxiban was like any other day, except this time one of my classes wanted to hear a story about Christmas. The story I described was about Terminators riding genetically engineered dinosaurs to the North Pole seeking to destroy Santa Claus. Their plan was foiled when mutant Polar Bears with super strength were able to defend Santa’s workshop. The unspoken moral of the story is to stop global warming so that Polar Bears can protect Santa Claus from dinosaurs and Terminators.

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