Usually around this time I have a new batch of pictures of some new location I visited to share with my regular visitors… however, on Christmas Eve my camera took a pretty bad spill and hit the sidewalk lens first.

The outside case had a few superficial dents, but the real trouble was the lens which at first would not retract back into the case when we first picked it up. After fudging it a little it managed to regain the ability to retract back into the camera when shut off however lost the ability to focus (all other functions of the camera still work).

So I left it with Cathy in Jhongsing because her sister planned to take it to a camera shop for repairs. Once she took it home, it managed to work again fine, with the only problem being that the automatic lens cover is now inoperable. She took it to the shop and they wanted $3,000 NT just to open the sucker (about a third of the price of the camera). I don’t think my warranty covers being clumsy. If the only real problem is that the lens cover doesn’t work properly no big deal, I’ll find out this weekend when Cathy comes up to Taipei for New Year’s.

It’s actually a good thing the shop didn’t keep the camera. On the memory stick is a video of me singing Angela Zhang’s 真的 at KTV in Taichung and I would prefer that this video never sees the light of day.

By the way: Happy Holidays, my Christmas was spent in class and at work, just like the everyone else.

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