Roaming Around…

A small collection of photographs of the last two weeks or so:

A brief walk to Guting Riverside Park from class one morning, grabbing pictures was difficult with the number of high school girls yelling from the distance at my classmate and I with the only phrases they knew in English: “I love you.” and “Marry me!” If this is the worst harassment I encounter while living here I have nothing to complain about.


Seeing this makes me wish I didn’t sell Jet Set Radio Future back to GameStop:


Near my apartment is a memorial to the victims of the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis:


Walking around in Beitou because I was bored before work one day:



Eating night market food in Caotun… the $90 NT steak seemed like such a good idea at the time:


…I was not this happy two hours later…


Cathy poses in Bitan:


This was as close as I could get to my next subject:



3 thoughts on “Roaming Around…

  1. 1. Great pics — the graffiti shot has a really nice impact. You should increase the size of the pics so they fill your main space there.

    2. Cathy is definitely a babe. More pics of her!

    3. Love that bird too. I never get over how beautiful they are.

    4. Cathy is definitely a…never mind.


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