DIY pottery in Yuchih


Usually when I am at work and my students are taking their daily quiz I will take the opportunity to draw a dinosaur or a monster on the back of the day’s lesson plan. Sometimes when I am at my language class a classmate will ask a really stupid question and I will spend the time that my professor spends trying to decipher and answer the question to draw sharks or spiders attacking the Chinese characaters that I had just so meticulously written. Outside of these exercises to cure my boredom, I do not consider myself artistically inclined.

When I attempted to do anything slightly resembling a cup on the pottery wheel it always ended up an ugly mess until the teacher at the center held my hands through the entire process start to finish. This picture was taken just seconds before the whole thing became lopsided:


My cup is ready to hit the kiln. I think my cup is a little better than the 7 year old’s who was sitting at an adjacent table. The place we went to fires and glazes your work and then ships the finished product to you:


Cathy’s plate and teddy bear recieved the praise of the handful of children there:


The area had some interesting carvings, here is one of Grizzly Adams:


Anyone want to attempt these stairs after a few bottles of Taiwan Beer?


Where my artistic juices exploded:



Enjoy your five day holiday… I think I might be the only person in Taiwan who has to work on Monday. I call bullshit.

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