Dreaming in Chinese and talking in my sleep

When I was going to school in Ypsilanti, MI, my roommate at the time had made an observation one time when I was taking a nap that I say some strange things in my sleep. When confronted about this after I woke up, I was quick to turn to the defensive, “What are you talking about? I don’t talk in my sleep!” My roommate went on to explain that he had walked by and heard me babbling in my sleep, that he kept listening to hear if I would say anything juicy, and that after a string of incoherent statements I had mumbled “…Sega Genesis upgrade…”

When confronted about this, I could not recall any part of my dream, so it is unknown whether I was talking about the Sega 32X or the Sega CD, the only thing I could confirm is that even in dreamworld I’m a dork.

A couple weeks ago, Brad of Bradtasia noted:

Often we learners of new languages begin dreaming in those languages, and a milestone is reached.

About a week after reading his post, I began to have dreams in which I could recall hearing the supporting cast of my dreams speaking in Chinese around me and in a couple of those dreams, speaking with them in Chinese.

Most recently, on early Sunday morning, according to one independent observer, I was speaking Chinese in my sleep. Apparently, I kept saying 沒有啦! [méiyǒu-la!] over-and-over again. Again, like the last time I was confronted with such a report, I could not recollect any aspect of the dream, so in this case, much like the mystery of the Sega Genesis upgrade, I do not know what it was I didn’t have.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming in Chinese and talking in my sleep

  1. Hey Todd:

    I was going through my emails and came accross your blog address. Looks like things are going well. Your site is great – we can all live vicariously through your blog !

    Stay well and enjoy your journey !

    Tom Rousher – tom.rousher@ihrco.com

  2. 沒有啦! [méiyǒu-la!] <---Does this mean Sega Genesis upgrade in Taiwanese? Please explain... PS this is a great website my man. Well done Toddy-oddy. -CD

  3. Chris,

    The Sega Genesis upgrade story was simply to illustrate my history of talking in my sleep.

    沒有啦 – simply means “don’t have”

  4. Hey, I remember that story. That’s classic. Maybe by “Genesis upgrade” you just meant the Super Nintendo, i.e. a superior 16-bit console with better games that catered to kids with more discerning tastes. Did you ever think of that, you plebeian?

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