Taipei 101


When I visited Taiwan during the Summer of 2004, I was quite disappointed to see what looked like the completed structure only to find out when I got there that it was still under construction and not ready for visitors. The other day, Taipei was presented with a clear day so we decided to catch some views from 101.
The tickets to the 89th floor indoor observatory were relatively inexpensive at $320 NT per person with my aging Eastern Michigan student I.D. card.

The building hosts the fastest elevators in the world which carry passengers to the 89th floor in 37 seconds at 1010 meters per minute.

It’s eslite, my favorite bookstore in Taiwan:


The building with the orange roof is the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall:



Looking North, you can see the Second MacArthur Bridge and the Mingquan Bridge (closest and furthest respectively) over the Keelung River:


The building with the big sphere is the Core Pacific Living Mall, also to the North:


101’s shadow:


Looking South:


For an extra $100 NT you can go to the 91st floor outdoor observatory:



Looking East from the outdoor observatory you can see Mt. Keelung:


3 thoughts on “Taipei 101

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  2. I love Taipei 101. The night view is amazing too, seeing all the city lights scattered down there like stars. After looking at your shots, maybe I should re-visit Taipei 101 at daytime sometimes. =)

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