So I decided to take Mandarin classes…

Starting in September, I will be studying Chinese at the Center for Chinese Language and Culture at National Taiwan Normal University (Shida 師大). At least I think I am, I am going tomorrow with all my registration materials and a handful of money. I’ve been thinking that there has got to be more to this teaching overseas stint than just well… teaching. I am joining the intro class because my recognition of characters is pretty pathetic, my ability to write is non-existent, and I think I make up tones for words as I go along.

4 thoughts on “So I decided to take Mandarin classes…

  1. No move is necessary. I live in Zhonghe City, about a 5 minute walk from the Yongan Market MRT station. Although I am technically in Taipei County, I live in the Greater-Taipei area.

  2. Maybe I’ll see you there! I applied last week, too! I haven’t gotten anything in the mail from them yet, though, so it’s not quite a done deal. Are you going to do the two hour class or the new three hour one?

  3. Hi Mark, I am waiting for a reply in the mail still as well. I went there in person with all my application (and mistakingly my money too) and the woman who checked my application said that was all was needed. So I am in the same boat as you, not yet a done deal.

    I hope to sign up for one of the two-hour classes, preferably the earliest one.

    I’ll keep an eye out for you on campus.

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