Welcome to Taichung!


Pictured: Cathy, Christine, and myself posing for photostickers in Taichung. My head looks really tiny in the picture on the right (come to think of it, my head looks tiny in every picture, from now on I’ll stand in front).

Now that I am back in Taipei, I am just now starting to sift through the rest of the photos from my week off after the excursion to Kenting. Dealing with all those photos using Blogger’s software like I did in the previous two posts proved to be a major pain.

Cathy and I went to Taichung on Wednesday with her second sister. Our first destinations were the National Museum of Natural Science and Botanical Gardens. The museums close at 5 o’clock and we got there at 4:57. That’s ok, the area around the museums is beautiful:




I temporarily grabbed the attention of one of the security guards when I hoisted my camera above a fence to take this picture:


Cathy poses with the flowers:


Looking through the greenery at some of Taichung’s modern structures:


Here is the Botanical Gardens building which I didn’t go inside of. According to my sources, the plants in the surrounding area are the same as the ones on the inside:



Behold the Time-Flow clock which uses water flow and/or witchcraft to keep an accurate display of time:


We had dinner at Traveler Kitchen, a Greek restaurant in Taichung (As a foreigner wearing a huge backpack, I am playing the role of the traveler):


While we waited for our food, there was a library of Greece travel literature to keep us occupied…


…when we weren’t taking pictures of eachother:



The food was delicious:



I’m getting hungry reviewing these pictures, I wish I was eating it right now:


Our waitress joins in the picture taking-fun after I said she was cute:


After dinner we said goodbye to Cathy’s sister and met our friend Christine who was kind enough to lodge us during our overnight in Taichung. The next day, we needed energy for KTV, so we had Korean for lunch:



4 hours might seem like a long time singing Karaoke, but it really isn’t when you start plowing through A Mei Chang’s and Angela Zhang’s newest albums. I came prepared this time with printouts of Romanized lyrics from Karazen.com. While singing songs I didn’t have printouts for, I began to notice that my character recognition has gotten a lot better since I got here. I was even complimented by Christine while we were in her car that I am, “starting to sound Taiwanese”… whatever that means.

I don’t know if the look on Cathy’s face is one of astonishment or terror:


Dueting with Christine (a short video was shot without my knowledge during this song. The video is in a safe place, I don’t think it will ever see the light of day):


I forgot the name of this restaurant, but the service sucked and the food was bland. The only reason I post this picture is because I look nice:


That’s all for Taichung. In the next couple of days I’ll post pictures from our day in Tainan!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Taichung!

  1. The only reason I can think of as to why the place was busy when I went was because it was everyone’s first time there.

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