Kenting National Park


After we visited the Aquarium, long prior to the arrival of Typhoon Kaemi, we went to Kenting National Park which is the oldest and southernmost park in Taiwan. The northern section of the park has large mountains:


Due to time constraints, we only visited the southern section which hosts a few short trails and a lighthouse. On the way to the lighthouse you can find some really interesting rock formations, this one looks like a face:


Hao Ke Ai! These rocks are kissing eachother:


A short stairway brings you to an observation deck with magnificent views of the ocean, it looks like its going to rain:



The Eluanbi (鵝鑾鼻) Lighthouse was built in 1888 during the Qing Dynasty by an English architect. Due to raids by local tribes, this was the only armed lighthouse in the world [source]:


The next natural step of course, is to take a picture in front of it:


We spent most of the typhoon in Nantou, where all we really saw was light rain here and there, nothing like the force that eastern and southern Taiwan were hit with.

One thought on “Kenting National Park

  1. Very nice pictures Todd. Brings back some lovely memories as I think I’ve eaten in a few of the same places. Coming to Taipei in November for my 3rd visit (The wife’s Taiwanese and I’d recomend the place to anyone who wants to travel in an amazing country and meet great people. Beware though the women are beautiful, but they do boss you about!!

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