National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


We woke up bright and early on Sunday to drive from Nantou to Kenting. The drive was somewhere between 3 to 3.5 hours. Our first destination was the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. Despite the crowds, this museum was extremely impressive as a few Aquariums I have been to have had their fish displays stocked with fake corals, while this one had real corals in their displays. The first tank we visited was stocked with Damsels, Yellow Tangs, and a Clown Triggerfish who would not behave for photos:


Our next tank had a ton of Blue Tangs and Corals:


A small Damselfish zips past a Soft Coral (Sinularia?) I am really bad with names of corals because when I kept a Mini-Reef tank most of the corals I bought for it were sold under the descriptive name, Assorted Soft Corals:


As a visual delight, more Softies:


A leather coral and her offspring:


Things start to get a little scary:


Soon we came to a shipwreck:


A lot of fish like to hang around the shipwreck:


The Killer Whale is telling me secrets:


The large display housed a Whale Shark:


The Aquarium also housed a large penguin exhibit.
I love Lionfish and have always wanted to keep one as a pet:


At the back of the museum, near the food courts was a huge Squid sculpture:


The rest of the day in Kenting was spent in a park and in downtown. I will hopefully throw up some pictures of the park either today or tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

  1. Thanks for the clarification on the species Anonymous.

    Andres – I had an absolute blast in Kenting, hopefully I’ll have a chance to go back maybe when the weather is a bit milder.

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