Vending Machine Toys


While near Taipei Main Station, I visited a stationary store and I was quite surprised to find a Betelnut Girl toy vending machine at the entrance. $120 NT gave you a toy and a chance to play paper, rock, scissors against the machine for a chance at another toy (there are 5 toys in the set). Much to my disappointment, I didn’t beat the machine a single time.


Around the corner I went to a toy store and put in $50 NT in a Neon Genesis Evangelion toy vending machine and received a Rei Ayanami figure. Her outfit looks like she could pass as a Betelnut girl figure, which is why she is standing next to another one to learn the secrets of catching the eyes of passing motorists.


I didn’t waste money all evening, I also purchased a copy of Practical Audio-Visual Chinese I to compliment the textbook I used while studying in the States.


Miltownkid has a flickr photoset of one of the figures that I do not have.

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