Taipei Zoo


Sunday was the perfect day to go to the zoo. The day started off hot, but after a very brief light rain in the afternoon the weather was very tolerable. I didn’t know such a trip would be so inexpensive. Admission was only $30 NT with my student ID. I spent more money on ice cream than I did admission.

I have only visited three others zoos prior to this one. I cannot really compare it to others because 2 of the 3 previous ones I visited when I was a child. The only other zoo I visited as an adult was the zoo in New Orleans two years ago. My most vivid memory of that trip was that it was about 95 degrees outside and all the animals were asleep.

There were zebras in the zoo:


Later, I got to ride a zebra, much to the amusement of everyone who happened to see me:


I think we found the missing link:


Cathy and myself (also pictured: an ice mocha. All the concessions were reasonably priced, unlike Cedar Point where the only thing worth the price is the Macho Nachos):


Do not feed the birds:


This one is displaying his dislike of my presence:




What am I so scared of?


This is the last picture of posing with fake animals… I promise:


Malaysian Black Bear and a human:


One got tired of the unnatural behavior of walking in circles to take a dip in the concrete river:


I smell humans:


Still no salmon:


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