Hongmao Castle


Fort San Domingo was originally a wooden structure built by the Spanish in Danshui in 1629. The wooden fort lasted merely until 1636 when local people burned it down in retaliation to taxes imposed by the Spanish colonists. In 1637 the fort was rebuilt using stone. In 1642 the Dutch took over the fort after the expulsion of the Spanish. The fort was called Hongmao by the locals in reference to the red hair of the Dutch occupiers. The fort served as the British Consulate in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries [source].

The location overlooks the Danshui River:


I met a couple new foreigner friends:






Strike a pose:


Cathy’s turn:


This building of the compound served as the British Consulate:




On the way back to the Danshui MRT station, we had Curry Hot Pot for dinner:


2 thoughts on “Hongmao Castle

  1. Those are great pics of the Red Haired Guys Fort, Todd. I gotta get back to doing the roundup this summer, so posts like this can get more play.


  2. Funny, I was looking for information regarding quitting a job on your Teaching English in Taiwan site when I recieved a notice that you had commented.

    And yes, once you have time, you should get back to doing roundups.

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