Dragon Boat Festival


Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Pistons in warding off elimination in their 91-78 victory over the Heat. NBA playoff games are televised here live using either the ESPN or TNT feed with Taiwanese commentary. Today I woke up bright and early, bought a breakfast sandwich and a milk tea and enjoyed the game. Ben Wallace’s clean block on Shaq which sent him to the floor should be playing on the highlight real right about now on the other side of the Pacific. At the very least, this means I can wear my Pistons shirt for at minimum a few more days.

Yesterday, Cathy and myself watched the Dragon Boat races next to the Xindian MRT exit in Bitan. The races are held in memory of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan who committed suicide in a river in disgust of Chu government corruption. People threw food into the water to prevent fish from eating his body and scared them away by beating drums on Dragon Boats [source].

The crowd as viewed from the Bitan pedestrian bridge:


The bridge was packed with people. I wonder how strong it is?


Perhaps someone can help me identify what specific group they belong to:


Dragon Boats:




While walking around the area, we found this gem serving Sri Lankan cuisine, I want to go back just for this:


6 thoughts on “Dragon Boat Festival

  1. Lucky me, I will be working while the game is being aired. I’ll do my best to get score updates between classes.

  2. Pistons are done, they played like crap. Don’t bother watching. You can still wear your Pistons shirt

  3. Perhaps its better that I didn’t watch. One of the students at my school who talks about basketball with me rubbed it in by wearing a Miami Heat Shaq jersey.

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