Return to Danshui

On Sunday, I went to Danshui again, this time with Cathy, I-An, and Jason. Before the trip, we had lunch. Pictured below is the beef noodles I ordered. The bowl was bigger than my stomach and my face combined:


I think it is going to be a long time before I eat anything with noodles in it again. It was tasty, but I am positive the noodles were reproducing, because no matter how much I ate, the volume of noodles appeared to stay constant rather than decrease. There was still noodles left in the bowl when we left the restaurant about 45 minutes later. About 10 super-think noodles remained at the bottom of the bowl, basking in the glow of victory as I laid down for the count.

Noodles 1 – Todd 0

Lets have a best of 7 series… over the course of a few weeks.

Going to Danshui was a spur of the moment idea. Jason had just bought a monster of a digital camera so we needed to go somewhere to take pictures… why not Danshui? I haven’t gotten a hold of the pictures he took yet, so you will have to settle for those taken with my prehistoric camera.

In Danshui, there was horseback riding for the kids:


And of course, we couldn’t go far without wanting to test our luck and skill at a game or two:


Lets be normal for one picture… we can flash victory signs later (Upon closer inspection, I-An looks to be missing an arm in this photo):


Speaking of prehistoric, we found a store that had dinosaur and fossil related items for sale:




I made the mistake of asking the employees if I could take pictures inside. I was flatly denied. I should have just taken some shots without asking, everyone else was.



…and traditional music:


In the distance, the mouth of the Danshui River:



Off to Red Castle for tea and desserts. Red Castle was built in 1895 (completed 4 years later) after the harbor was opened to Westerners:



It was too late to go to Hongmao Castle… looks like I’ll have to go back to Danshui again.

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