Danshui and Bali excursion


My Mandarin instructor from Eastern Michigan has been visiting her family in Taiwan for the past two weeks. Yesterday, I got a chance to see her and meet some of her family during a short trip to Danshui and Bali.

On any given Tuesday, I am working, however, my class that meets on Tuesdays and Fridays recently finished their program, so they are given a week off before the rigors of the Advanced program commences.

For those who do not know where Danshui and Bali are, I have included two maps: The first is a look at Taipei, thanks to the Taipei Metro Tourist Map:


Yes, Taipei is huge, luckily the city gives these away at all MRT stations so that tourists or foreigners living here can find places of cultural significance or clubs in which to make a fool of themselves.

Now, lets take a closer look at my destination in the Northwest section of the map:


I met my professor Lin Laoshi, her mother, her older brother, and his wife, at a Cantonese restaurant which is located at the Danshui MRT station. There I was treated to some wonderful Dim Sum, which I haven’t had since leaving Michigan, where I would organize as many people as possible for Dim Sum, often with very little success. The food was great, much better than the Dim Sum found in Michigan. Despite having just eaten breakfast, I managed to put a hearty dent in the dishes brought to the table.

After Lunch, Lin Laoshi and I took a stroll around Danshui and visited a couple shops before stopping for a refreshing Bubble Tea in hopes to beat the heat.

This store had a Batman sketch on the outside, that warranted taking a picture of it:



We decided go to her brother’s house in Bali, here’s Danshui viewed from the dock of the Ferry we were taking to Bali ($36 NT roundtrip):


On the Bali side of the Danshui River… looking out to Danshui:


Bali is absolutely beautiful, the air is much cleaner than Zhonghe City, there is a nice bike path along the Danshui River, and places to rent bicycles:




Lin Laoshi’s brother’s house overlooks the Danshui River (on the left of the picture is the Pacific Ocean):


A couple more shots out their window, I am extremely jealous, when I look out my window all I see is someone else’s roof:



When it came time to leave, the sun was setting:


Just like most of my excursions around Taiwan, I didn’t see everything the first time, which means I have to go back in the near future to visit Hongmao Castle and the other offerings of the area I missed.

One thought on “Danshui and Bali excursion

  1. Don’t be jealous. it is not expensive buying or renting an apartment in Bali. most of people living in taipei love to live in Dansui and Bali. Bali is a suburb of taipei county so people need to take more time on commute to work. if you like there, be a early bird. ^^

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