Betel Nut Videos


The Real Taiwan has two top-notch Betel Nut girl videos. For those who do not know, Betel Nut is a mild stimulant that is chewed to achieve this effect. It is sold at kiosks along suburban roads and highways by scantily-dressed women.

My personal experience with the Betel Nut was a largely positive experience. The young lady at the stand was very friendly, and when I had asked for only one Betel Nut she gave it to me free of charge, perhaps because I was her best looking customer of the day (or year). It did not taste nearly as bad as I had feared, however, I had a spitting mishap and got some on my favorite Pistons shirt. The effects were similar to caffine and seemed to wear off after about a half an hour. Unfortunately, Betel Nut is a carcinogen so it looks like one time will be enough for me. Besides, I like having relatively white teeth, so I pledge to be Betel Nut free.

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