National Health Exam

In order to get approval for a permit to work in Taiwan, one must go take the nation’s health exam to ensure you are not a disease-infested foreigner. I took the test at Ren-Ai Hospital for a little over $700 NT and it involved answering questions regarding my health, and tests for blood pressure, a blood sample, seeing ability, height, weight, and a chest x-ray. I had read from numerous sources that you had to provide a stool sample on the spot if you were a foreigner. I had prepared myself for attending to such business… I brought some toilet paper from home and sought information on the proper use of a squat toilet. Much to my disappointment however, this test was removed from the requirements for foreigners seeking teaching positions in Taiwan. All that preparation and mental anxiety was for nothing. I feel cheated, when I pick up my results I should bring a sample from home and leave it on the reception counter when no one is looking.

3 thoughts on “National Health Exam

  1. The first year I was in Taiwan, I had to go through the whole stool sample ordeal, but not since. It seems the exams are getting faster and faster. The last two times, they only checked one of my eyes on the vision test!

  2. Interesting… Although both of my eyes were checked… only one of my ears was checked. Who need to hear the sound of on-coming traffic anyways?

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