Tastes poopy…


Yesterday, Catherine, I-An, and myself went to Marton near the Shilin station. Marton is a small chain of toilet-themed restaurants in Taiwan.


Your dinner is served in the finest porcelain:


And tastes just like homemade:


Dessert comes in Eastern-style squat toilets:


Iced green tea shavings, red beans, marshmallow, and ice cream:


The three of us ate for about $550 NT… the food overall was average at best and the service was downright shitty. First, we were seated on the third floor, no problem, however you must go back downstairs once you have filled out your choices to place your order and pay first. In Taiwan, a service charge is included in the bill, and it reflected by the level of obliviousness displayed by our server when we sat with our finished toilet bowls in front of us for roughly 15 minutes while we waited for dessert. When our server was on our floor, calling to him was impossible because the music was turned up over the course of our meal. While he was clearing the only other table used on our floor, motioning to him was also futile because he didn’t look up from the floor once. Maybe it is just this location that sucks, or perhaps they all do but rely on a steady stream of young people with disposable income and tourists to do any business because I cannot see why anyone would consider going there twice.

I give this restaurant 1 out of 4 stools.

2 thoughts on “Tastes poopy…

  1. Maybe the waiter had figured out Bev’s trick of “don’t look up, you won’t notice them, and then you won’t have to serve them.”

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