Dickin’ around in Central Taiwan


On Thursday evening, Catherine and myself left Taipei for Nantou. On the bus ride a film was playing which appeared to be a public service announcement about how not to die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the event of a car accident inside a tunnel. The film starred three Taiwanese people and their foreign friend who was excited about the wonderful sights the island had to offer, but was confused by some of the customs to which his Taiwanese friends would come to his rescue and save him from imminent embarrassment… at least that’s what I remember from the movie.

After spending the night in Nantou and hearing Cathy’s family argue that I lost weight (which is actually untrue, I lost 15 lbs when student teaching during the Fall, but I quickly gained it back over the Winter holidays), we went to Changhua on Friday to see Cathy’s godmother who holds a very high position at a company in Changhua’s industrial park.


After leaving the office, we grabbed lunch at a restaurant in Changhua. The meal consisted of Shrimp Ball Soup, Chicken Roll, Taiwanese Sausage, and Pig Intestine… I’ll let you guess which one I never want to eat again:


After lunch we went to a few temples in Changhua, outside of one, insence was being made:



This temple was in the process of being restored:


Outside the next temple was a Dragon Boat, which is used in annual races to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet from southern Chu during the Warring States Period:


Inside the temple was spectacular:



Pictured here, Cathy’s godmother, two of her employees, and myself:


And here is Catherine:


And we met a new friend:


After a fun-filled day in Changhua, Cathy, her family, and I went to Taichung for dinner, we had hoped to go to this toilet themed restaurant, but the wait was one and a half hours so we opted instead for a Japanese-style restaurant down the street.


Taichung was packed with people of all ages:


On Saturday, Cathy, her mother, her aunt, her nephew, and myself started our day by going to Sun Moon Lake, the largest lake in Taiwan:



No matter how you say it… The Pistons are goin’ to work!


Group photo everyone:






After Sun Moon Lake, we all went to Puli:


We went to the Puli Wine Museum and low and behold… they give away free samples! One type I sampled was an astonishing 100 proof… Mmmm. Here, Detroit is represented by the Gao Waiguoren in Puli:



On Sunday (the day I came down with the cold I am currently battling) I was treated to lunch at the Elephant Steak House, where you order a steak and then all your apps, side dishes, and deserts are buffet-style:


Cathy’s sister’s husband contemplates:


Round one:


And then came the steak… I think this will be the last steak I order while in Taiwan:


After lunch Cathy, her sister, and I went shopping. Here I am with one of their friends (my last job in the United States was at a bar called Player’s Lounge, and I was an exceptional employee, so I recieved this shirt, I think it’s hilarious):


That’s all for the weekend in Central Taiwan.

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