Wo zai Taiwan!


On Tuesday evening… after several hours in the air, after flying from Detroit to Osaka and Osaka to Taipei, I arrived in Taiwan. Cathy was extra thoughtful to have a bubble tea waiting for me when she met me at the airport. On the first full day in Taiwan, I was treated to a hot pot lunch by Cathy’s boss at a restaurant near her office in Jhonghe City. It was so delicious… I wish I was eating it right now.


It’s my favorite weather right now… hovering between 65-70 degrees, light rain, and cloudy… I hope this lasts awhile.


Followed by a day at the office, Cathy and I went to a night market in Yonghe City… There are all sorts of things to buy, eat, and do at night markets. For instance, you can shop for a new pet:


There is an abundance of food:


Stuff to drink:


And games to play:


Tonight we are catching a bus to visit Cathy’s family in Nantou.

One thought on “Wo zai Taiwan!

  1. Welcome! Thanks for the very kind note. I was tracking your blog, waiting for you to arrive to I could add you to my list.


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