Inconvenience Averted…

It would seem that Northwest reached a deal with it’s pilots… which means that the company survives and I don’t have to find a new airline on Monday when I fly out to Taiwan:

MINNEAPOLIS – Pilots reached a tentative pay-cut deal with Northwest Airlines Corp. Friday, a major step toward ending a showdown that put the bankrupt airline’s future in doubt.The nation’s fourth-largest airline said it got the $358 million in savings it sought, but other details weren’t released. This deal, as well as pacts reached earlier with flight attendants and ground workers, needs ratification to be final.

The agreement removed the threat that Northwest would simply impose the cuts it wanted on pilots. Pilots said they’d strike if that happened, and both sides agreed that could have killed the airline.

That is one less thing to worry about… now I just need to find out how much money I will have to fork out because my combined luggage weight is 85 lbs and the limit is 50 lbs for checked luggage. When I went to Taiwan two years ago the limit was 70 lbs. My carry-on funtime bag includes my old 15 gig iPod, my 12 inch iBook, my Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP complete with Final Fantasy Tactics, Super Puzzle Fighter, Mario World, and Mario Bros. 3, and Robert M. Citino’s The German Way of War: From the Thirty Years War to the Third Reich (the current book I am reading).

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