The Bamboo Caterpillar


The recently remodeled playroom at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute [台灣工藝文化園區] in Caotun Township, Nantou County boasts an incredible eight-meter long bamboo caterpillar tunnel. I visited a week ago on a field trip with students and managed to take a handful of photographs. Here is a small collection of pictures that miraculously didn’t have children running around in the background.

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Some Privacy, Please!

BEETLES!Several years ago, Taiwan went through a beetle-craze. Pet stores had rows devoted to these insects and students would proudly show off beetles they found or exotic varieties their parents purchased for them. The fade didn’t last long. Nowadays, a lot of families keep dogs that fit in purses while children prefer to catch Pokemon over insects.

In mid-June, I found out via a post on a Jhongsing Village Facebook group that it was breeding season for beetles. We set out for a row of trees along Guanghua Road and were delighted to find more than a dozen Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles [Allomyrina dichotoma].
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The Ninety-Nine Peaks Forest Trail

The Ninety-Nine Peaks TrailFishman greets visitors at the parking lot

We went hiking on the first day of 2017 to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. The Ninety-Nine Peaks Forest Trail [九九峰森林步道] is a 1,930 meter long trail in Nantou County’s Caotun Township [草屯鎮]. We brought the kids here because we figured they were getting tired of the trail we frequent in Jhongsing Village. Furthermore, being a holiday weekend, most of the popular trails in Nantou County were probably going to be packed. We only encountered a couple dozen people on the trail. Amazingly, both kids made it through the whole trail without asking to be carried!

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The Dragon & Phoenix Waterfall Skybridge

Trips to the Waterfalls
I’ve visited the Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls [龍鳳瀑布] of Zhongliao Township in Nantou County several times in the past few years. I’ve made frequent stops there on cycling trips through Zhongliao and taken my family there a few times for recreational hiking and firefly viewing. In recent years Nantou County Government has taken steps to turn the county into a tourist wonderland by initiating the construction of several projects like the one I’m featuring here. Continue reading

Trip to the USA Instagram Edition

Welcome to Ann Arbor. #michigan #annarborThe children had a fabulous time visiting their grandparents in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’ve been back in Taiwan for over a couple of weeks and nearly every day Josie or Nathan asks to go back to their grandparents’ house. This is a small collection of images from our trip. Most of our time was spent in southeast Michigan.
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July and August Instagrams

Iron Age. #taiwan #nantou #caotun #台灣 #南投 #草屯 #sculpture #artNot much awesomeness captured in July so that month’s collection is being thrown in with August. Welcome to The Daily Bubble Tea’s Summer 2015 Instagram Favorites.
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Tung Blossoms in Miaoli

Tung BlossomsI think I’ve finally recovered after my family went on a day-trip to Miaoli with my mother-in-law and a bus full of her coworkers about two and a half months ago. If you are unfamiliar with a Taiwanese group day-trip they mostly follow the same exhausting formula: one interesting stop followed by half a dozen boring ones. In addition, the karaoke on the bus only has one volume – deafening. Here’s a small collection of photographs from my favorite of our stops – The Hakka Compound [客家大院] in Tongluo Township [銅鑼鄉] to see the Tung Blossoms [油桐花].
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The Jhongsing Village Lotus Ponds

Lotus in Jhongsing VillageThis spring I only managed to visit the Jhongsing Village Lotus Ponds once during their blooming period last month. Here’s a few photographs from that hot, sunny day in May.
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