May Instagrams

Good Morning. #taiwan #nantou #snapseed
Here are a handful of images posted to Instagram during May. This installment’s images were taken in my usual stomping grounds – Jhongsing Village and Caotun Township.

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April Instagrams

Grabbing a Light. #caotun #nantou #taiwan
Grabbing a Light

Here are a handful of images posted to Instagram during April. This installment’s exotic locales include Jhongsing Village and Caotun Township.

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A Trio of Photos from the Ten Drum Culture Village


Pottery X
X Marks the Spot


For information about the Ten Drum Culture Village [十鼓文化村] – Check out their official website.

March Instagrams

Cave Paintings. #taiwan #nantou #caotunCave Paintings

I wasn’t very active on Instagram or this blog during the month of March and I won’t bore you with the details. Here is a small collection of pictures from Caotun Township, Nantou City, and Jhongsing Village.

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2014 Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival

2014 Sand Sculpture Festival

A couple months ago our family visited the 2014 Nantou Sand Sculpture Festival [南投市貓羅溪畔沙雕藝術節]. One thing that separated this year’s festival with previous years was an emphasis on health and environmental issues. A few prominent sculptures warned on the dangers of nuclear power, deforestation, marine pollution and food safety.

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Not Our Usual Playground – Night and Day

Lantern Festival

Despite our complaining about how unsuitable our town was to hold the 2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival, that didn’t stop us from visiting several times. This post is a compilation of photographs taken at the Jhongsing Village Children’s Park during our visit with our son one evening and a visit with both of our children a few days later.

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February Instagrams

Ukulele Dreams in #caotun #nantou #taiwan
Ukelele Dreams 

Here’s a small collection of pictures posted to Instagram during the shortest month of the year. Locales include Caotun Townhip, Jhongsing Village, Tainan City, and Puli Township.

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