A Trio of Photos from Guanshan

The View from Guanshan

During our family trip south this summer we drove to Guanshan [關山] in Kenting National Park to catch the sunset. Guanshan is a 150 meter tall mountain and last year was mentioned on a list compiled by CNN as one of thirteen superb sunset spots. Here’s a trio of photos from our visit.

The View from Guanshan
The View from Guanshan

June Instagrams

In the Garden. #flowers #taiwan #caotun #nantou
In the Garden

Here are a handful of images posted to Instagram during June. This installment’s images were taken in Jhongsing Village, Caotun Township, and Kenting.

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The Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse
The giant horse undergoes final preparations for the 2014 National Lantern Festival in Jhongsing Village, Nantou County.